Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Published Pin Ups in 2017

Some Pin Up highlights of 2017- Getting published with Eric Powell's Albatross Funnybooks is so cool, 'Namwolf by Fabian Rangel Jr. and Logan Faerber was a great mini series. I hope there's more coming, it was excellent to meet Fabian who I've followed on social media from the day I decided to start making comics, Logan and of course the Eric Powell at Heroes Con this year, what an event, that con is going to stay with me for a long time.
Spread by Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahn (and assorted) will be wrapping up soon, this book has always been a favourite so when Kyle put out the call I was ready.
Getting some art in Matt Miner's GWAR comic was ridiculously cool and it was really cool of  Matt Horak to print a piece in his  book Octo Skull. I'll post the drawings in another entry, don't have them handy right now

Beaver Damn Issue One

Beaver Damn a supernatural horror mini series had it's official Issue One launch at London Comic Con. I had four covers created for the launch featured here is the main cover by Ivan Shavrin (middle photo) and one of the variants by Logan Faerber (bottom), I'll post the other covers later. There are also sketchcover editions (top photo) available you can get them all at the shop . The series is set in Manitoba in 1823 during the height of the fur trade and is packed with some pretty original ideas if I may toot my own creative horn for a minute. Issue Two is almost finished and will debut with a special variant cover at Kingston Comic Con at the end of March. (more on that later)

Studio Comix Press Grand Opening

The first weekend of November my printer Alfonso Espinos opened a physical location for his print business, Studio Comix Press in Kitchener, Ontario. Gerhard and I were the featured comic guests and as always had a great time hanging out and swapping stories, he really is one of the coolest guys in comics, always happy to spend time with him and marvel at his draftsmanship.
I was also honoured to be the featured local guest at London Comic Con and Gerhard and I also hung out at the Cambridge Comic Arts Festival

It's been a very long time

I don't really know how to sum up what I've been doing since the last post, I figure I'll just put up a ton of images and explain each one
Okay, this is the new cover by Peter Santa-Marie (@attackpeter on Instagram) for  a book that I put together in SIXTEEN days. I was inspired by the creationist Ken Ham who posited the ridiculous notion that dinosaurs and gladiators used to fight in arena style combat about 3000 years ago. This is not true- if you're wondering, this is not history, this is the plot of a Jack Kirby comic and I treated it as such. Roel Torres is a writer that I worked with on the first volume of the Kayfabe wrestling anthology and he was able to put together a pretty solid script in about two hours. I took that script and went into the studio and immediately started drawing. The book has been  a huge hit and the first print run sold out in a few months. There are also many, many cool sketchcovers that I did which pretty much paid for the entire print run.

The sequel "Bride of Gladiasaurs" is already in the works with a completed script by Miike Something (yes that's his name) and I promise you this story is as much fun as the first one. Gladiasaurs original cover (found a few copies in a box), Second printing cover and sketchcover edition can all be ordered at my shop
A.Shay Hahn

Friday, June 10, 2016

Been away since November, here's a hint of why

Many many apologies for being absent, I promise a full and complete update soon but I have been working, working, working, here are a few pics. Top Image, upcoming cover for Sons of Yellowstone, Pin up for Aurora Man!,  Amazing Forest #6 has a story in it that I drew (IDW publishing,cover by Ulises Farinas), this is my new banner which features the cover to American Bison that I drew and finally this is the cover to the Kayfabe wrestling anthology, available from Drive Thru comics online.) I have about seven other things to get up here over the next couple of months and then another seven after that when they're published but since I'm down to working about five hours a night it's tough for me to fit blogging into the schedule.  So enjoy this post and as always follow me on Instagram @madcraftshay or on twitter @madcraftshoppe or on FB at "A.Shay Hahn The Homeless G-Men.
cheers! talk soon,
A.Shay Hahn

Monday, November 9, 2015

Pints and Pages, Podcasts and Big Kahunas

Pints and Pages is this weekend at the Cameron House, Saturday and Sunday from 3-7pm in the back room come have a beer and check out the work of some of the GTA's finest indie comic makers. As a special incentive I have created the BIG KAHUNA pack, Seven comics, three stickers, a print and a postcard for $30.00 I'll have them there both Saturday and Sunday. Also here's a link to the podcast interview I did with Jason Clark on an Elegant Weapon where we talk about comics, Toronto, the comic scene in Michigan and other things, it was great talking with Jason and I am thankful for his support of the event and his love of indie books,
This weekend is going to be a lot of fun we've got Mike Rooth, Keith Grachow, Aaron Ong, myself and Aaron Feldman and Rebecca Slack on Saturday and on Sunday, Ricky Lima, Shane Heron, Jason Loo, Shawn Daley and yours truly, all kinds of different and amazing talents.
Come on out!
A.Shay Hahn

Friday, October 9, 2015

Production Photos of Homeless G-Men Number Three

Alright check it out, production pics of Homeless #3, as soon as I finished the second issues I launched into Homeless #3, I wanted it to be printed and ready for purchase in November at the very special event I'm organizing at the Cameron House in November. I'll have more on that later, yes I am way behind in blogging, I've done two in stores and Hamilton Comic Con and next week I'm doing two days at the Humber Campuses for a mini-con put on by Stadium Comics and I am too burnt out to write or draw right now. I did over 128 finished comics pages (plus others to use later) in seven months with a newborn baby. I am spent and need a rest, I will be back to talk more but I really just need to flake out on the couch with my dog right now
cheers, talk soon
A.Shay Hahn